Reg. Nr. of S.A. 6033/03/Β/86/29


The Board of Directors of the société anonyme operating under the firm name “HALYPS Building Materials S.A.”, with registered offices in Aspropyrgos, in accordance with the Company’s Articles of Memorandum (Article 30), invites Messrs. Shareholders on Wednesday, December 27, 2017, at 10:00 at the company’s premises, in Aspropyrgos, 17th km Athens - Korinth National Road for the Extraordinary General Assembly in order to decide on the following subjects of the agenda:

  1. Amendment of art. 3.1. and codification of the company’s Articles of Association

  2. Approval of the contracts between Halyps and other affiliated companies, as provided by article 23a of the Greek law 2190/1920 as amended.
  3. Various announcements

Those of the Shareholders, wishing to participate to the General Assembly are obliged, according to the Law, to deposit their titles at the company’s cashier (17th km on the Athens – Korinth National Road, Aspropyrgos) or at the Deposit and Loans Fund or at any other bank institution recognized by the Greek State, at least five (5) working days before the date of the General Assembly.

In case of a pledge on the shares, the proof of shareholder status is conducted by the relevant written certification of the pledgee.

Shareholders not complying with the above provisions may attend the General Meeting only upon its former permission.




According to the Law and the Articles of Association, shareholders may participate in the General Assembly, either in person or by proxy appointed by letter or telegram, who may be another shareholder or not. Minors, prohibited and legal entities are represented by their legal representatives.


Each shareholder may appoint up to three representatives. Legal entities may participate in the General Assembly by appointing up to three persons as representatives. Representative acting for several shareholders may cast votes differently for each shareholder.


The appointment and revocation of representative /-s shall be in writing. The proxy documents may be private, provided that they are dated and signed by the issuer. The power of attorney and any other authorization documents for those representing the shareholders must be submitted duly completed and signed at the offices of the Company (HALYPS BUILDING MATERIALS SA 17th Km Athens-Korinth, Aspropyrgos) at least five (5) days before the General Assembly. Electronic notifications of the appointments and revocations of representatives and electronic process for exercising voting rights by proxy are not provided by the Articles of Association.


Aspropyrgos, November 30, 2017

The Board of Directors