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Sustainable Development
Our achievement

Our achievement | Economic Development | Environmental protection | Social development

All the Italcmenti Group in Greece employees have contributed one way or another to the implementation of our “Sustainable Development” approach and to the different policies and initiatives which are structuring and enhancing it.

In the following pages, all of us are especially proud to introduce you some of the more recent and representative “Success Stories” illustrating Italcementi Group Commitment with “Sustainable Development” in Greece.

In accordance with Italcementi Group “Sustainable Development” approach and with Greek priorities these actions and results are presenting our achievements in the 9 following key areas:

  • economic and social development
  • safety and hygiene
  • environmental emissions reduction
  • environmental recycling optimization
  • energy savings
  • non-renewable raw materials savings
  • environmental visual impacts reduction
  • Human assets development
  • and social action


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