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The cement industry significantly contributes to local and regional economies through the wide geographic spread of its plants.
Producing a cement that meets specific chemical and physical properties requires careful control of the manufacturing process. The first step is obtaining raw materials.
Raw materials are generally exploited in a quarry near the plant. Then, raw materials are crushed and milled down to a meal with controlled chemical composition.
After blending, the meal undergoes physical and chemical reactions in a kiln to produce cement clinker.
Cooling, storing and fine grinding with the addition of small amount of gypsum and special constituents are the last steps to obtain the final product ready to be stored in silos and loaded into road tankers or packed into bags for shipment.

Halyps Cement at a glance

  • All the cement types produced at our plant comply with the EN 197-1 standard and all of them are certified with the CE mark by the Hellenic Organization of Standardization (ELOT).
  • Halyps Cement has an ELOT-certified Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000 which includes all the necessary procedures and steps in order to provide its customers with top quality products and services.
  • In order to control and ensure continuously this quality level, high technology equipments are used in our laboratory, along with original techniques applied in other Italcementi Group factories.
  • The highly qualified staff of our laboratory under permanent contact and cooperation with CTG (Italcementi Group Research & Development Centre), carry out continuous research and develop new technologies in order to constantly guarantee and track products’ quality and to favor innovation in our products and in their applications



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