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Et Beton
Et Beton is part of Halyps Building Materials S.A.
Et Beton, which is servicing Attica market, belongs to Italcementi Group since 1986. The Company has 2 units of Ready mix concrete at: Koropi, Aspropyrgos with an annual capacity 600.000 m3.

New products of concrete are already used abroad, offering solutions to a lot of construction problems, reducing the cost of work and the environmental harmful effects. Some of these products are: 

  • Self Compacting Concrete
  • Controlled Low Strength Materials CLSM

The use of the above mentioned products has already began in Greece and our companies are in position to offer them, as we have already performed a lot of tests not only in the laboratory but also on different works, in combination with the know-how of the group which has made a great deal of works, mainly in Italy and France.

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 Self Compacting Concrete  – SCC

The basic characteristic of the self compacting concrete is the increased fluidity, a characteristic that facilitates the spreading and the compaction of the material without any intervention of the human factor.

 Controlled Low Strength Materials  – CLSM

Those are self compacting concretes with a low content of cement and compressive strength between 0,5 - 3 MPa and they can be used in many different ways.


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