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Our Company
Halyps Building Materials S.A

Italcementi Group is operating in Greece through the following company:

Halyps Building Materials S.A., a company operating in cement activity under the brand name “Halyps Cement”, in aggregates activity under the brand name "Halyps Quarries” and in the concrete activity under the brand name "Et Beton", having three production plants servicing the Attica region. Halyps Building Materials S.A. has a subsidiary established in Durres, Albania under the name Eurotech Cement SH.P.K., which is operating a Cement Terminal.

Italcementi Group has permanently supported the significant investments performed by its Greek activities aiming at increasing capacity and efficiency, at improving the products quality and the working conditions of its employees as well as at protecting adequately the environment from the impact of its activities. 

Italcementi Group activities in Greece values and actions are permanently inspired from two main sources:
  • The corporate values and identity of Italcementi Group, leading European cement producer and 3rd worldwide cement producer.
  • The values identity and commitments linked with our 70 years presence in the cement and building materials market in Greece
As a result all the Italcementi Group activities in Greece, are build around the following objectives and corporate values:

  • to be the most efficient and innovative cement producer in the market where we operate,
  • to provide to our customers the highest level of quality and services and to contribute in creating value-added in our customers activities,
  • to spread our “Sustainable Development” commitments and successful practices to all our activities and to our subcontractors, and more especially our “environment protection policy” and our “Safety policy”,
  • to permanently develop our activities under the principles of Italcementi Group “Code of Ethics” and to ensure to our employees and to our partners (subcontractors, suppliers, business partners) a stable and reliable system of values which will help us to develop and grow together on a sustainable way and with a long term perspective.
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