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Media Center
Media center
Italcementi Group in Greece gives strong priority to open dialogue with all those involved in our activities: employees, customers, suppliers, end users, partners, media, public authorities, civil society groups, non – governmental organizations and importantly the local communities where our plants operate.
For Italcementi Group, this means that shareholders and stakeholders must be put on an equal standing and afforded the same degree of attention.
In accordance with the key – principles of Sustainable Development this statement must be valid not only today but also for future generations.
The concept of sustainability is an excellent setting for our commitment to economic prosperity in both the developed and the developing areas of the world, because it includes commitment to both considerable reduction in our impact on ecosystems and social progress that promotes improved standards of living in local communities.


Here you can find news, concerning all of our companies' activities with a downloadable PDF file.

Press Releases

Here you can find the annual archive of our press releases, concerning all of our companies' activities with a downloadable PDF file.


Here you can find samples of brochures which present Italcementi Groupin Greece activities' products and main initiatives with a downloadable PDF file.

Image Gallery

In each gallery you can find a collection of high resolution photos about our plants, company and events.

Calendar of Events

This tool allowed you to keep in touch with our company events.



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